MyShield to
protect your

Make your workplace ready for post
Covid 19 Lockdown

Post Lockdown we will return to the day-to-day operation and many will be forgetful of maintaining social distance and not touching surfaces. Even when the lockdown gets lifted the danger of an outbreak of the deadly Covid-19 virus is far from over.We all know by now that Social Distancing is the only known way to cope with this pandemic.

UNYDE is doing its bit in preventing the risks of contagion by launching MySHIELD app to make you and your workplace safe. MySHIELD enables-

Digital Social Distancing

BLE Based 1+ Meter
Digital circle

Alerts for breaching "Safety Circel". This app uses BLE signals to determine if an employee is near another employee and is violating the safe distance of 1-2 mtr.In case of breach of the safety circle, all concerned are alerted and reminded to recede back into the safety circel.

Digital Social

One-Click Contactless Attendance

Geo-Location based
no Contact attendance

In almost all organziations Biometric is the mode of marking attendance and getting access to office premises. Thus, they act as the first point of contact and is mandatorily accessed/touched by all employees posing a huge risk to all. Even if one infected person uses the machine, it exposes everyone to contagion. With MyShield, get rid of biometric machines for attendance and access.

Geo Location

Privacy Complaint

No Personal information needed

No phone number, name or personal information is collected. Employee ID
as users’ ID. The features are enabled automatically only when the person is in
office or upon manually activating the shield through app.

Who Should Use

  • IndividualIndividuals
  • officesOffices
  • Co WorkingCo Working
  • FactoryFactories
  • SchoolSchools
  • InstitutesInstitutes
  • AirportsAirports
  • PSUsPSUs
  • BankBank
  • Govt officesGovt. Offices

Organizations get a comprehensive dashboard and reports of all employees, their attendance and when it was marked. Employees who ignore the alerts of maintaining social distance can be easily identified and reminded to practice caution in conduct for their own and co-workers safety.We call upon all business owners and responsible citizens to come together and fight this by getting this implemented in your workplaces ASAP and be well prepared before workplaces are reopened.

Companies can register at: Download MyShield : P.S. This is a free to use initiative and we will be bearing all the cost of running operations, logistics and upgrades.

Step 1

Register your company by signing up with your official email ID.


Step 2

Bulk Upload Employee IDs or add one by one


Step 3

Add your Office Location for Contactless Attendance


Step 4

Share MyShield OTP with all employees and start getting reports


How MyShield works

Step 1

Download MyShield app


Step 2

Give Permissions when prompted


Step 3

Register with your Organization


Step 4

Activate shield to get notified when you or nearby person breaks social distance, shield can be turned on manually when outside office; once in office, shield and attendance button will activate automatically.


This is an initiative of UNYDE Systems, a Start-up recognized by
Start-up India. UNYDE specializes in micro-location technology and proximity
based solutions.